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Reads that allows a growth mindset talk with your children

growth mindset books

On my plan to instil a growth mindset environment with my children, I wanted to read books that were giving the right message. I’ve looked online to have a list of books and went to my public library to get some. I have to admit that some books were really good at transmitting the growth mindset message (effort and perseverance to learn something hard, mistakes and errors are part of the learning process, etc.), but others, even if my boys loved the read, were not necessarily transmitting that message clearly enough.M5NwWR1444936182

Here are some of the books I read with my children and what I thought about them. I gave each book a grade on 10, based on our liking and if the growth mindset message is vehiculed well enough for kids ( my sons are 5 and 3 years old). I will add our new readings as soon as we read more.

Lily the unicorn: my boys loved that one. It was mostly about lily’s friend that we had the growth mindset talk. Without giving you the plot, Lily’s friend is afraid of a lot of things and so, he’s not doing anything. The book gave me the opening to talk with my boys about what they are afraid of and what they can do about it. It was a nice talk with them, that I probably couldn’t have had if it wasn’t for the book we read before.  7/10

Sink or swim is a really good book about perseverance through obstacles when you want to achieve something. I started to read that book to my sons before their two weeks of swimming class. I haven’t read it before and I was hoping for a way to encourage my boys to persevere in their class. Well, without giving you the big punch (again!), the cow (the main character) is not REALLY swimming as I would have liked it!

My boys really liked the book though. I really recommend it: the message is easy to grasp for young kids and the images are really cute. 9/10

The beautiful oops! is a bit babyish, but my boys liked it. It’s more about the idea that you can create something beautiful from a mistake. I am pretty sure my boys will understand that if they spill some paint on their paper, they can create something around it, but I am not sure if it’s a knowledge that they will transfer in life, with their friends. 6/10

The Dot is another book about creativity. After reading it with my boys a couple of times, we talked about how the little girl changed the way she was thinking. They liked the book, but I am not sure it made a big impact on my sons’ perspective. My students (older than my sons) will most likely appreciate the book. 7/10

The most magnificent things is one of the first we read my boys and I. It was way before I thought about writing a blog or even before I heard about «mindsets ». I had already realized that my oldest needed a little help to persevere in what he was doing.

The book talk about perseverance when you have an idea and you want to recreate what you have in mind. It’s a good one that also takes the kids to the path of what they can do when they feel frustrated and/or it doesn’t work the way you want it to. I recommend that book if you want to talk about perseverance with your little one. 8/10


When pigs flyIf there is one book you need to have, it’s this one. My boys and I LOVED IT! It’s from the same author as Sink or swim featuring the same cow (main character). In that book, the message of growth mindset is vehicled beautifully. You don’t need to talk a lot about the book after reading it: kids can get the idea quickly. My boys even used the language of the book the day following the read! 10/10


If you have other books that you think might be interesting to read to create a growth mindset perspective to my children, let me know! I still have some in mind that I have to read, but they were not at my public library!

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