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How am I going to get out of the house…

… without being late, or scream at my children or do everything for them!??

Morning routine to the rescue!

I am SOOO nervous for next week! My oldest will start kindergarten and my youngest, preschool. I will have to drop both at school before I go to work myself. Last year, I only dealt with my oldest in the mornings (because grandma came over to care for the youngest. Yeah! for grandma!), but this year, it will be both! How am I going to do it?!

Like many children, mine are not responding well to pressure. They do not respond well when I ask them to get ready « quickly ». They are not listening really well either: even if I ask them 3 times (and it feels like I asked them 15 times!) to get dressed for their swimming class, which they love, they are still not getting dressed. They are waiting for me to remind them a couple of times, tell them they will miss their class, etc. Regrettably, they often don’t respond unless I raise my voice. When they finally get dressed, they go out and start playing in our carport instead of going in the car! I even had to drive back in our driveway to finally get my youngest’s attention last week! Really, how am I going to survive next week?!

I want to make sure my children are responsible and organized in the morning AND IN THEIR LIFE IN GENERAL. I really think I am repeating my demands too often. They don’t have to remember anything; they have me to do it for them! Well, this time it’s over (or at least, that’s what I am aiming for!).

I always wake up earlier than them. I make sure I am almost ready to go when they wake up, so I can focus on THEM.

Here’s what will change:

I will wake my children up myself. I love the idea of lying beside them for a couple of minutes, kissing them and/or rubbing their back. I think waking up that way would be fun and relaxing and it would give them some positive attention time right away!

– After waking up, I will give them their routine on a clipboard. Yes, on a clipboard! I tried to do a list of things to do and put it on a wall, but my children were just ripped the pictures up. I think that with a clipboard, they may feel more responsibility.

I created a list of “to do before they get a 20 minutes tv show”. Since my kids are too young to read, I buy some graphics (from educlip. I just love her graphics!) to put on my list. I only put 4 things:

  1. eating their breakfast,
  2. brushing their teeth,
  3. getting dressed and
  4. making sure their bag and lunch bag were at the door.morning_routinemorning routine

I laminated the list so when they are done with something, they can cross it off: I will just have to erase it when they are done.

They love to watch tv in the morning: I’m hoping that they will be motivated enough to get through their routine quickly! Obviously, if they are not done before 7:30am, they won’t have their favourite tv show. My goal is to be out the door at 8am (or before).

I will give them some power: I will make sure that they have what they need for their breakfast on the table so THEY can choose what they want and make it themselves. I will also make sure that their lunches are done, or almost, so THEY can put it in their lunchbox themselves. I know, my youngest will need help a little bit with the routine, especially in getting dressed, but I will be ready to go myself, remember! I will have time to guide him.


I intend on practicing our new routine this week, getting ready for our swimming lessons, and a little bit during the long week-end. Practice makes perfect! I really hope our morning will run smoothly!

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