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AHA! moments!

Love it!

It’s been a couple of weeks now that I started my plan to help my children build a more constructive mindset. We had growth mindset talks at night, we read books about perseverance, I changed the way I encourage them and I rephrase their comments if they were too fixed mindset oriented.

I can see a difference in their language! Yeah!!

Here are some examples:

We were outside in our backyard, my two sons and I, when our neighbour came to play. He is the same age as my oldest. While playing, he took the bike without training wheels and started to bike around. Then he stopped and asked my oldest if he wanted a turn! My son said “no, I can’t bike without my training wheels YET”.

YEAH!!! I took him in my arms and kissed him! Our neighbour looked at me like I was crazy before I explained that by adding a “yet” at the end of his sentence, my son is admitting that it is something he will have to work on, eventually, when he will be ready. He used to say that he couldn’t do it. So on the big mountain that is learning to bike on two wheels, my son just climbed a big step up.

I was so happy!

We were hiking my boys and I when my big boy started to walk on a suspended log (not too high, don’t worry). His little brother said “wow, you are so good at this” (keeping his balance). My big boy said “well I practiced a lot when I had my gymnastic classes”.

He is correcting his little brother! Wow!!

We were driving as a family, and my big boy said “maman, my little brother is sooo cute”. My little one said “Yeah! It’s much work!”. I then asked “Are you saying you are working hard to be cute?”. He replied “yeah!”.

He obviously doesn’t have to work that hard to be cute!!!

My boys are making progress! I can hear it and see it. When my oldest is not successful in doing something, he stops, gets mad (a lot less then before) and then he sometimes says something like “I will try again. I need to work harder to get it done”. That’s a totally new attitude for him!


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