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Why I blog…

and why I ‘ll change the way I do it

I often get the question : « why do you blog? Why do you write what’s happening with your child on a public page? » I also ask myself why these days too!

I’ve been looking foward for this year! Both boys are now in school and I’ve decided to stay part-time to « finally » have a little bit of time for myself!

I’ve started my blog during summer time, when I had both of my child at home with me. I had more time to work on the blog (just getting it started was something!) and we had a lot of opportunities to practice our growth mindset. Right now, I have 2 days at home that is suppose to be « for myself », but I spend most of them working (getting my teaching material ready for the following week, emailing parents of my class with the weekly information, etc), or researching/writting a new post for my blog.

So I started to ask myself that same question: why am i blogging? Should I stop it and finally get some deserved time to just relax (and do laundry, clean the house, do the groceries, etc.)? But I love blogging!

Well I found out that someone else though about the same topic for her blog! So I read  “the 10 real reasons why mums blog” and I almost found all my reasons there.

I’ve started my blog because I’m the kind of person who needs to write… When I am writing, my ideas are clearer and I understand more what I want/should to do with my kids. But I would add a 11th reason to the list. By researching and blogging on different ways to implement a more constructive psychological predisposition to my kids, I need to do it! It makes my accountable to my kids. I don’t want to write about something that I’m not doing at home, or research about a lifeskills and not implementing it with my boys!

This is also THE reason why I will change the way I will write my blog. As I said, I’ve been struggling in the last few weeks to get enough time to get some exercise (since busy, busy, busy…), work (actual work and house work), research about a new subject for a post and actually spending time with my kids. It doesn’t really make sense to stay home while my boys are doing something with their dad, just to create another post. How am I suppose to implement what I am researching and blogging on if I don’t spend time with them!?

Here how I will work from now on: I will find one lifeskill to work on every month (growth mindset, thankfulness, helpfulness, the act of sharing, etc.). My posts will be on the same idea for a month, sharing with you what I’ve found, tricks to teach that skill and how it worked at my house. I will also use facebook and twitter more than my actual blog ot share the ideas.

We are still trying to find our work(school)/play balance at home, so I will keep on working on that for a little while.

I hope you will still stay with me!!

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